Feng shui sign calculator

Flying Stars Feng Shui Calculator How to use Work out when your home was first built so that you can enter the correct Period. If your home was built in one of the boundary years ending in ‘4’, then also check if it was built before February 4th. If it was, then it may belong to the previous Period..


Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator Need help figuring out your Chinese Zodiac Sign (or Lunar Calendar Sign)? Reference the following list to find your birthdate and determine your animal sign. Feb 5, 1924 – Jan 23, 1925 Rat Jan 24, 1925 – Feb 12, 1926 Ox Feb 13, 1926 – Feb 1, 1927 Tiger Feb 2, 1927 – Jan 22, 1928 Rabbit.




sign up to receive my regular feng shui blog for important tips and great advice for life Chinese Astrology Chart - Four Pillars Calculator Calculate your Chinese Astrology Chart or your Four Pillars of Destiny here for *FREE*. Simply put in your time of birth, day, month and year, then click on the Four Pillars Calculator button below.. Given below is the feng shui flying star chart showing the base star position for any building constructed between the year 2004 - 2023. The sitting star and the facing star chart based on the position of the front door of the house or building can be generated using the flying star calculator given above..

1+9+7+2=19. 1+9=10. 1+0=1. For females, add 4. eg 1+4=5. For males, subtract from 11. eg 11-1=10 drop the '0' to leave 1. So females born in 1972 are MG5 and males born in 1972 are MG1. Each of the Ming Gua are related to one of the Trigrams, and have distinct personalities and characteristics as follows:.